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Help archaeologists on their quest, and support on-going projects to preserve fragments of our precious underwater archaeological heritage. The support that the Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology Foundation offers relies entirely on voluntary contributions. Your support will provide financial help for on-going projects in Greece, as well as for further study of recovered material and subsequent research. Only with your help will the position of Greece in the scientific field of maritime archaeology be advanced.  


As an individual you can get involved and help us in many ways:
Social networking sites are an important resource for reaching a wider audience.
The Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology Foundation has actively embraced online social networking sites, and regards them as an important resource for connecting with our supporters and reaching a wider audience. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ provide ideal ways for people to share their stories, ask questions, and receive instant notices about EMMAF’s latest news and activities. 
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You can support EMMAF by becoming a member.
Members gain several benefits:
How to become a supporter? 
You must be a member first. To become a member, sign up here.
If you are a member and you become familiar with EMMAF’s work, you can send us (info@emmaf.org) your CV (curriculum vitae) together with a brief attached word document telling us why you want to become a supporter and what your possible contribution(s) to EMMAF could be. 
EMMAF’s team will hold an official meeting to discuss your proposal. A team member will then contact you to inform you whether or not you have been accepted. Acceptance is based on your experience and your potential to participate productively in our future endeavors.
Why become a supporter?
EMMAF is entirely funded by direct, voluntary contributions, awards and funds received. All donations and grants are used ONLY to develop EMMAF and to support on-going research projects.  
We are striving to create a Foundation which emphasizes the importance of marine archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean, an area where many new wrecks are discovered every year. However, the scarcity of funding represents a serious challenge limiting the opportunities for scholars to protect sites and study them. 
Your support will provide financial help for on-going projects in Greece, further the study of recovered archaeological material, and subsequent research.  By donating to EMMAF you will also help Greece develop a stronger position in the field of scientific maritime archaeology. So help archaeologists on their quest to preserve fragments of our precious underwater archaeological heritage.
Thank you for your support!
If you have any questions about your donations to the EMMAF, please contact our Fundraising Service at: 
Show your support by joining our growing team of archaeologists, IT professionals, architects and other individuals who support eastern Mediterranean maritime archaeology.