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The Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was founded in Athens on October 10th, 2010 by an archaeologist and an IT professional. The aims of the Foundation are to publicize, support and promote eastern Mediterranean maritime archaeology, while developing an awareness of just how important our underwater archaeological heritage is.

Our heritage is an irreplaceable legacy from the past, which once lost can never be regained. 

Through the presentation of on-going surveys and excavations to the public, EMMAF will provide help and support to the dedicated archaeologists, scholars and other professionals who contribute their time and effort to conducting maritime archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean.

Terrestrial sites pose several difficulties for archaeologists. However, underwater excavations present many more serious challenges. Maritime archaeologists have to deal with strong currents, poor visibility and rapidly changing underwater conditions. Also the budgets for underwater excavations are much higher than for terrestrial excavations. Nevertheless it is all worth it. Wrecks are more likely to preserve organic remains, intact artifacts and contemporaneous assemblages, a great resource for typological studies.

The main focus of EMMAF is to highlight the potential and challenges inherent within maritime archaeology in the eastern Mediterranean. The Foundation will also promote Greek maritime archaeology by helping to fill in existing gaps in public knowledge about on-going research in Greece.

The full flowering of underwater archaeology in Greece will only come about through collective recognition of its importance and wide-scale mobilization of its supporters.



The aims of the Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology Foundation:
 To inform, educate and share knowledge about maritime archaeological research
 To promote on-going projects in the eastern Mediterranean
 To support scholars and serve as an archaeological resource
 To emphasize the importance of our underwater archaeological heritage

Learn more about the creation of EMMAF in an interview with one of the co-founders. Click here for the interview.